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Online Marriage Records Texas
Jan 06, 2011

For the purpose of preserving historical public marriage records of texas residents, the texas State Archives tied up with the texas State Genealogical Society in joint effort to compile records of marriages that took place in texas from 1763 to 1900. More than a million texas Marriage Records have been filed and it is the aim of these two organizations to make them readily accessible by people who want to trace them. These State Marriage Records of texas have been put online. Online marriage records include also those of post-1900 period up to the current with the Statewide Marriage Index. As long as they are captured under the index, free texas marriage records search can be conducted online without having to go in person or writing in to a government agency like they used to. The main source of information is the offices of the respective County Clerks. It is derived from the original public marriage records which comprise of marriage registers, licenses, certificates and other documents and information. Information is also contributed by the county Genealogical societies and private citizens and can be uploaded directly by volunteers through the internet. The basic information found in Marriage Records texas comprise of particulars of the couple, names of parents, witnesses and conducting official of the ceremony, date and county of marriage and issuance of license. If there were multiple marriages on the part of either the groom, bride or both, those that occurred in the state of texas will be produced. Getting married in a county other than the one of residence is allowed so if a search fails in a particular county, it's a good idea to try statewide search instead. All public marriage records in texas are listed on the texas Statewide Marriage Index. Original marital records or microfilm copies for several of them are kept under the holding of the texas Regional Archives Depository System (IRAD). Uncertified copies of marriages of more than 70 of the 102 counties in texas are available at IRAD. Those which are not can be requested directly from the County Clerks. They are also the only officers authorized to provide certified copies of marriage records of their county. Online commercial information brokers are another popular option. Professional fees are charged but they beat the red tape and spare the legwork, coming in plug-and-play readiness. Fees are usually very reasonable and so is the quality impressive as competition is fierce. The top ones are often capable of delivering extras over the public agencies by drawing upon private and proprietary sources.